Hi, I’m Todd, welcome to hammockaholic.com. As an outdoor hiking lover, I started with near-home hiking without any resting gears. When I took a long way journey in the mountains two years ago, I thought it’s time for me to bring a hammock for resting. Yes, that was the first time I got in touch with hammocks.

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As a beginner for hammocks, I was in a mess and absolutely had no clue about which hammock should I choose, how to set up a hammock outside, what accessories should I take, or anything else should I pay attention to.

So, I started searching on google, but most information there was scatteringly or poor-written, I hardly found all information I need in one place. Needless to say, after taking a lot of time searching and collecting them together, finally I started my hammock journey.

But things are about to change.

Fast forward to today, I think it’s time for me to share my experience and knowledge, and help you avoid detours when it comes to hammock camping. Boom, this site appears.

It’s my mission to make a hammock trip easy and round for you, all information you search or should know will find here. Plus, if you need a hammock for daily backyard or indoor relaxing, you can also find some gold here too.

I”ll thoroughly explain the type, style, design, material, accessories, and other aspects of hammocks from the scratch, help you choose the most suitable hammock.

Whether you are a starter or already have some experience of the hammock, I believe you will find more or less extra tips here.

So hang around and check out some awesome posts.

If you have any questions about hammocks or suggestions for my site then please get in touch.

Have a enjoy!